Work Schedule Optimization System

This system creates a digital twin of the operating conditions inside the factory to optimize maintenance instructions.

Delays in the production line due to equipment stoppages can cause serious losses in factories with huge amounts of operating equipment. Work instructions based on intuition and experience cannot completely prevent equipment stoppages.

1. It is not possible to fully understand the operating status of the entire factory in real time.
2. It is not possible to calculate the optimal work schedules for hundreds of pieces of equipment.
3. It is not possible to give instructions to multiple workers at once.

Using this system, the factory is recreated as a digital twin, and work instructions are given by AI, making it possible to significantly reduce equipment downtime.

Benefits from installation

Reduces the cost of supervision by replacing supervision work with this system.

Work can be done according to optimal scheduling, eliminating losses from equipment downtime.


The AI will issue work orders with the optimal timing to redirect supplies as much as possible and prevent equipment stoppages.


Optimization of work schedules

This system uses AI to search for the optimal work schedule from a vast number, over 200 digits long, of work sequence combinations for just-in-time operation. In addition, if a sudden problem occurs, real-time optimization allows the system to instantly propose response measures according to operating conditions. This optimization reduces equipment downtime, shortens worker travel routes, and reduces the waste of supplies.

Work Instruction Functionality

In order for workers on the ground to do their work properly, it is necessary to communicate optimized work instructions in an easily understandable manner and to record the current tasks. The system can accomplish this through smartphones on the factory network, without the need for special devices. In addition, by indicating the next work location on the factory map, even inexperienced workers can move to the work location without hesitation, just like experienced workers.

Administration Functionality

The workload of a factory supervisor is enormous. The administration screen reduces the burden of administrative tasks with the following features.

1. Visualize the operating status of factory equipment
2. Visualize the locations of workers and their tasks
3. Automatically aggregate work results over any given period

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