Work Monitoring System

Prevent errors through real-time video monitoring of work processes and pursue efficiency through work analysis.

Removing human error and variations in work quality between each worker is an effective way of improving the reliability of your products. This product utilizes AI to monitor work footage in real time, making it possible to prevent errors by monitoring work processes in a manner that is more flexible than conventional methods using light curtains and photoelectric sensors.

In addition, a platform for analyzing work processes, such as through viewing histograms and other statistical information, is provided. It is possible to improve the workers’ efficiency using these sorts of analysis.

Benefits from installation

As a result of comparing movements that are captured through the footage against movements that are registered beforehand to detect mistakes, it is possible to identify the causes of errors and prevent human error.

As a result of visualizing bottlenecks in work processes and variations in work time between each worker, it is possible to standardize work levels for each worker and improve work efficiency.

Prevent Errors (Abnormality Detection)

Normal work processes can be set up by specifying the parts of the footage to monitor for object detection and posture estimation. If movements that deviate from this process are detected to determine that there is an abnormality, an alert will be issued.

Pursue Efficiency Through Work Analysis

The time spent in each part of the work process is measured and recorded to enable statistical analysis, such as through histograms. As a result, bottlenecks and variations in work time between each worker can be visualized, making it possible to standardize work levels.

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