Realize annual savings of 80 million yen in operating costs through optimization of cutting blade replacement maintenance operations




At client factories, maintenance operations for periodically cutting blade replacement used in cutting machines was previously spread across multiple team structures. The supervisor of each team would need to ascertain the utilization status of each cutting machine blade through an information integration edition, decide the order of operations each day based on their experience, then issue directions to all staff.


Issues associated with cutting blade replacement

The following two problems existed.

1. 300 minutes of facility suspension occurred annually.

2. HR costs of managers are high.

Optimization of operations through our company's system

The system uses AI to find the optimal schedule of operations from an over-200-digit, massive combination of operational orders, and implement just-in-time. In addition, through real-time optimization, the system can instantly propose measures to handle operating statuses, even in the event of sudden problems arising.

Through such optimizations, idle time at facilities is reduced, operator travel paths are minimized, and waste in consumables is minimized. Furthermore, the system issues operational directives to all operators via a smartphone, on the basis of optimized operational schedules.

83 million yen in annual implementation benefits

This system produced the following effects.

1. reduce equipment downtime to zero

2. reduce the labor cost of each team manager to zero