Products & Service

Optimization on digital twin

Realize digital visualization of plants, equipment, and operations with process optimization and proactive forecasting

A system that eliminates equipment stoppages, shortens workers’ travel routes, and prevents premature maintenance, etc., by calculating optimized work schedules according to operating conditions

A system that provides a platform for classifying and determining the correct order of current tasks based on pre-registered work processes, and for viewing and analyzing statistical information such as histograms related to work time

Automation with AI

Realize labor savings by automating imaging, picking, and inspection 

An inspection equipment that automatically carries, inspects, and sorts cutting tools

A machine vision development IDE that allows you to build image processing applications with no code

An imaging equipment that captures and visualizes features that are invisible or difficult to see with ordinary imaging equipment

Engineering Service

Solve clients’ issues based on technology and knowledge

Highly specialized engineers with a proven track record in implementing solutions for major companies propose solutions that fit the customer’s needs