Create AI image processing applications without codes.

ImagePro is a development tool for new machine-visions. By using drag and drop features, anyone can easily develop AI and rule-based image processing programs. This software can solve the following image processing issues.

1. Inability to handle new works in the field because programming or difficult software is required.
2. Accuracy is low when only AI or rule-based are used, so you want to combine both.
3. Subscription or installation costs of existing software are high, and there is no return on investment.

Benefits from installation

Until now, automated inspection for individualized work has been difficult, but this can be achieved by utilizing deep learning.

Since this is compatible with all sorts of cameras, you can reduce the costs of buying extra cameras. You can also lower development costs by creating applications quickly.

You can quickly create the machine-vision applications you need without outsourcing by using drag and drop mouse gestures, allowing you to insource software development.

Easy Installation

ImagePro is software with low learning costs that can easily be installed at production sites. Until now, it was necessary to learn complicated software, C programming, Python, and others with high learning costs. With ImagePro, you can create your desired image processing programs without the need to write codes by simply using your mouse on our intuitive interface.

Compatibility with both AI and rule-based

Standard image processing software have only been equipped with either AI or rule-based processes. However, it may be necessary to combine the two in order to implement image processing applications with advanced systems. With ImagePro, it is possible to handle these kinds of complicated applications.

Pricing for high return on investment

This software is for purchase as a complete license. Unlike the products of our competitors, separate purchases of training, implementation runtime, or subscriptions are unnecessary. It is therefore possible to create image processing applications with high returns on investment.

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