Engineering Service

Our highly specialized engineers, with a proven track record in implementing solutions for major companies, will find a solution that suits your needs.

Our engineering services are based on the strength of our expertise.
1. An integrated development system for sensing, algorithms and hardware
2. Consulting through the acquisition of process data, the creation of digital twins and the optimization of processes based on that data.
3. A wealth of experience of reliability led by major manufacturers
4. Expertise in various fields, including optimization, machine vision, 3D measurement, sensor and machine control, and software GUI

Solutions on offer

Optimize your digital twin and automate your AI operations. Optimization and automation can save on manpower, reduce downtime, elevate output and generate profits. Reduced downtime and optimization of digital twins can also reduce CO2 emissions.

Technical portfolio

These are just some of the technologies we have available. Our highly specialized engineers use their skills to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Machine Vision

Sparse modeling, DNN, super resolution, 3D estimation, etc.

Robot control and Machine Building

Inverse orbit estimation, ROS, PID control, etc.


Scheduling algorithm, convex optimization problem, etc.

Electronics & IoT

Microcomputer circuit, UWB, radar, motor control, etc.


We work with major manufacturers of automobiles, industrial machinery, electronic components, heavy industries, in addition to food, beverage and agricultural machinery. We have optimization solutions and automated inspection equipment that delivers better results for our clients.

To date, we have surpassed more than 100 projects and have used our expert knowledge to solve our clients’ problems.

Processes of our Projects

We carry out our projects based on 5 main steps. In doing so, we carry out PoC (Proof of Concept), the process of examining the feasibility of an algorithm package before implementation to ensure that it can be implemented in a real business environment with low development costs and risks for our clients.

AI Development

Free of charge


Select themes for AI applications

We gain an accurate grasp on the situation based on interviews with clients and devise AI applications from a technical point of view.


Reviewing Implementation

We review the minimum feasibility and estimated cost effectiveness of AI implementation, developing a business plan and budget.




(Proof of concept)

During development we will inspect the technical risks that may have come up in the previous steps.


Main Development

We implement and deliver the previously inspected AI so that it incorporated into a real business.



We begin daily operations based on the developed AI.

Request engineering service

Consult with our engineers

As a general rule, we will respond within 2 days.