Burr Inspection Equipment

Automate burr detection in drill cross holes.

Burrs are unavoidable in metal manufacturing and can affect the reliability of the product. This is especially true in hydraulic valves and the like, where even small 0.1mm burrs cannot be overlooked. Other companies have proposed measurement methods using lasers. However, these cannot be applied to drill holes with smaller diameters. The equipment is also unstable despite being very expensive.

This product is capable of accurately and automatically detecting burrs in drill cross holes. This is achieved through its endoscope camera and our proprietary algorithms for 3D reconstruction and burr detection, ensuring high returns on your investments.

Benefits from installation

Save up on worker costs for burr inspection and polishing by automating the process via AI.

More accurate than visual inspections while retaining their speed.


Image capture

Its camera position is controlled with high precision by an industrial endoscope camera and a dedicated high-performance actuator. Its illumination’s brightness automatically adjusts itself according to the ambient light and shape of the drill hole, capturing optimal images for 3D reconstruction.

3D reconstruction

Estimates the imaging position and posture of the camera from the images taken inside the drill hole. It can even construct a 3D model of the drill hole’s inside. Use this function to view the insides of tiny holes with diameters of 5mm and the like as 3D models on a large screen and learn more about the hole’s 3D shape (unevenness, etc.) and texture (color, pattern, etc.).

Burr detection

Automatically detects drill hole intersections from the reconstructed 3D models and automatically recognizes burrs of any size. You can also set the thresholds and determine the inspection criteria.

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