AI automated cutting tool inspection system

AI automated cutting tool inspection equipment Automatically inspects and classifies the degree of wear of cutting tools. Wear and chipping of cutting tools used for machining can lead to deterioration of machining accuracy and injury to the user when tools break. Since visual inspection is used to determine the degree of wear of cutting tools,

Work Monitoring System

Work Monitoring System Prevent errors through real-time video monitoring of work processes and pursue efficiency through work analysis. Removing human error and variations in work quality between each worker is an effective way of improving the reliability of your products. This product utilizes AI to monitor work footage in real time, making it possible to

Work Schedule Optimization System

Work Schedule Optimization System This system creates a digital twin of the operating conditions inside the factory to optimize maintenance instructions. Delays in the production line due to equipment stoppages can cause serious losses in factories with huge amounts of operating equipment. Work instructions based on intuition and experience cannot completely prevent equipment stoppages. Reasons: